Thursday, March 19, 2009

Family pictures 2009

Can I just say...amazing!!!! We recently had family pictures taken and it was so much fun in spite of a grumpy two year old who wanted nothing to do with any of it! We went out to a park and a friend of ours who is an awesome creative...took the most amazing pics. Just check out the link below:

Invitation to view "Edmund family" photographs

To all my family & friends in's a shout out for Shannon White! I highly recommend her for all your photo needs and wants!!! :)

S & G Photography
Garner, NC


Bonnie said...

Your photos are awesome!! I love having a big family. it makes everything sooo much more fun.when I was growing up, we got pictures taken and we could not all fit in the picture so the photographer ended up getting more than just the back drop in the picture so we got them for free:)

PAyscue said...

A beautiful family! I am the youngest of six but couldn't imagine having six (or eight) of my own!!! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa and company said...

All the pictures are fantastic.

Elizabeth said...

Those are such great pictures! :)